Kenmore Streets Getting Shared Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Upgrades

Federal Highway Administration – MUTCD/Wikimedia Commons

Bridges at Katunga Street and Akuna Street in Kenmore are being upgraded to provide better pathways for cyclists and pedestrians.

The project is part of the shared pathway network which will provide linkages between Moggill Road, the Centenary Bikeway and the Cubberla Creek Reserve sports fields. Once upgraded, bridges will provide pathways that are safer for bikers and pedestrians.

Katunga Street Bridge Upgrade

The Katunga Street bridge upgrade was initiated in early May and should be completed in mid-2017, weather and site conditions permitting. Under the plan, the existing bridge structure will be replaced and a new concrete pedestrian and cycle bridge will be built. Bicycle-friendly handrails will also be installed on the bridge.

After completion, the bridge would be 3 metres wide to meet the existing standard for a pedestrian and cycle bridge.

(Source: Brisbane City Council)

Akuna Street Bridge Work

Upgrade of the Akuna Street bridge involves building a 3.6-metre wide concrete pedestrian and cycle bridge. Three-metre wide concrete paths will be constructed at both ends of the bridge to link it to the existing pathway.

The Akuna Street bridge project will commence in June and should be done in late 2017.  To minimise the impact of the construction, the bridge crossing will remain open during the early phase of the project.

(Source: Brisbane City Council)

Visit the Brisbane City Council website for more information about the project.

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