Kenmore Rotary Trailer Raffle Encounters New Challenge to Help Fund Good Causes

Kenmore Rotary Club
Photo Credit: Kenmore Rotary

Kenmore shoppers have become well acquainted with the selling of Kenmore Rotary Raffle tickets over the last 20 years, both Kenmore Village Shopping Centre and Kenmore Plaza being the venues to exhibit the trailer and sell the tickets. However, the 2023 rendition will have a new challenge.

Due to the major renovation of Kenmore Village, Kenmore Rotary Club has decided to leave the Trailer and all its prizes there instead of the usual towing of it between the two centres.

Previously, Kenmore Village was the Friday and Saturday venue for the trailer and the selling effort and Kenmore Plaza hosted the trailer and sales effort on Sundays.

This year, the trailer will remain at Kenmore Village, as the sales campaign will run from November 2 to December 3.

Local Resources

The Trailer Raffle is the major fundraiser of the year for Kenmore Rotary. Here are the organisations that benefited from a donation from the Trailer raffle last year:

The Women’s Crisis Support Service

DV Support is considered a priority by Kenmore Rotary and the WCSS was made a beneficiary. Kenmore Rotary, in conjunction with Karana Bellbowrie Rotary, paid for a full mould cleaning of their facility; the construction of a Children’s Cubby House; the construction of a Children’s Sandbox with shade cover; and the landscaping of the children’s play area.

Mould before and after
Photo Credit: Kenmore Rotary
Cubbyhouse Kenmore
Photo Credit: Kenmore Rotary

Other areas of help offered to the refuge included the donation of new clothes for women and children, financial cover for a child’s emergency medical intervention


Kenmore Rotary offers a scholarship for a local Year 11 student to attend the 10-day National Youth Science Forum.

Kenmore Rotary runs the Solar Buddy program via several junior schools including those at St Peters Lutheran College, OLR, Kenmore State School, Ambrose Treacy and Chapel Hill State School.

The students construct a solar light and include a written message with each light, which are then sent to PNG to help combat the lack of electricity over there which means children cannot study after dark.

Solar buddy lights improve student reading & study time by 87% for the children that receive them. This also eliminates the use of kerosene lamps which have proven to be very dangerous for children.


Kenmore Rotary has long focused on developing young leaders in our community, to that end it invests funds into 5 Leadership programs:

  • Aspiring Leaders Program mentoring Yr 11 students potential leaders at Kenmore State High School
  • RYPEN (14-16 year olds) Residential weekend-long program delivering leadership training
  • RYLA (18-26 years old) One-week residential program
  • RYTS (on graduating Yr 12) 7-day Life Skills program
  • RJCA (Junior Community Awards) Yr 6 students that get them involved in the community. This program runs at Chapel Hill School.

Young Driver Awareness Training

In an effort to cut down on young driver accidents, the RYDA program is run for Yr 11 students at Kenmore State High School.

“The Club is run by volunteers that dedicate their time to improving our community, we really appreciate the support every year for our Trailer Raffle, as our major fundraiser, and we are delighted once again to be able to offer the trailer and it’s full array of prizes, kindly donated by sponsors, to the lucky winner,” a spokesman for Kenmore Rotary said.

Published 18-Oct-2023