Kenmore Residents Actively Campaigning Against Proposed Azure Townhouse Development

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Kenmore residents don’t seem too happy with the current developments in their suburb as well as potential ones. The new Churches of Christ being built in the area has recently gotten negative feedback from the local community. On the other hand, the Azure townhouse development plan that was proposed along Moggill Road and Wyndarra St. is still gaining a lot of feedback whilst the community continues to campaign against it.

The collection of feedback from residents against the residential development has been completed. Based on the feedback gathered, residents are very much against this development because they believe that the suburb will not be able to cope with the increased density that the project will bring.

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Another touchy issue is the concern that it will cause further traffic congestion on Moggill Rd., which is already one of the busiest roads in the western suburbs.

The Brisbane City Council has acted on the pleas of the residents and sent a request for further information to the developer, Azure. It states that the proposal was not supported in its current form, outlining flooding concerns and adherence to the multiple dwelling code, stormwater code and filling and excavation code. This also includes traffic issues, waste collection, and many more.

Azure, eager to build in the area, submitted an updated proposal reiterating that they are adhering to the council’s requirements. You can view the plans here.

Kenmore Living Inc, is a local community organisation that has been actively campaigning against the proposed development plan. They have also submitted their former objection to the council. You can view their full objection here.

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The local group also campaigns at various locations in the suburb to gain support and to spread awareness as to why such development cannot be given the go-signal.