Kenmore’s LYV Kitchen Aims to Provide Delicious But Clean Food

Photo credit: LYV Kitchen

LYV Kitchen in Kenmore, at Kingussie St. is a restaurant right smack in the middle of a park. And it’s not just a park, it’s actually a park meant mainly for children. The restaurant’s name stands for “Live Your Values” and it’s perfect for health-conscious people who are enthusiasts of plant-based food.

LYV Kitchen focuses on serving healthy food made from locally produced ingredients. Formerly known as Misty’s, it is now being run by the new owner, Ashley, who is all about living her values and sharing it to the public. Ashley created a plant-based menu excluding meat and dairy. Ashley is passionate about spreading a healthy lifestyle and environment, thus her food venture.

Try their granola, which is always freshly prepared in the restaurant. For a boost of energy, you can give their acai bowls a shot.

Photo credit: LYV Kitchen / Facebook
Photo credit: LYV Kitchen / Facebook
Photo credit: LYV Kitchen / Facebook
Photo credit: LYV Kitchen / Facebook

Those that need their caffeine fix can choose from their specialty lattes such as matcha, charcoal and beetroot, and turmeric.

For the kids and the kids-at-heart, there are delicious pancakes and home-made muffins that will surely delight your hearts.

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There are also some tasty sweet treats available such as the carrot cake and blueberry cheesecake. You can also choose from their selection of superfood smoothies.

Not just for the health conscious, the place is also perfect for children and pets. The restaurant has an outdoor seating that flows right into the park and playground. You can sip your morning coffee whilst you keep an eye on your kids having fun in the playground.

Family, healthy food, and good, clean fun. LYV certainly makes living your values worth the visit.