Kenmore Local Group Fights Against Azure Development In Court, Seeks Crowdfunding Help

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A number of Kenmore residents continue to fight against the Azure development along Moggill Road and Wyndarra Street and are counting on crowdfunding to help them with their court battle.

Last year, feedback from residents have been collected, with most of the comments opposing the development. Residents do not think that their suburb will be able to cope with the increased density that this project would bring.

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Brisbane City Council sent the developer a list of matters to be resolved after reviewing the application. The council did not support the proposal for the 104-unit project, citing issues that remain unaddressed.

Subsequently, the developer received approval on 25 January 2018 after making significant changes to the project plans, such as:

  • Reducing the number of dwellings from 104 units to 94 units;
  • Including plans for deep planting and rehabilitation of the site;
  • Increasing the number of car parking spaces; and
  • Widening of Margaret Court

Appeal against Decision

These changes do not sit well with the residents, hence their move to take the battle to court.

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Kenmore Living Inc, group lodged an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court in February 2018.

However, the group is struggling to cover the entire cost of the legal battle.

To gain assistance with the legal fees, the group has set up a gofundme page. The group is appealing to the locals to help them save the leafy suburb and prevent additional traffic congestion in the area by supporting their court battle.

The group believes that crowdfunding will make more sense to help them move forward with their case. A member of the group estimated that they will need a minimum of $60,000-$80,000.

It is also noted that four families have already shelled out about $10,000 to help fight the development. Legally, the losers in court will have to pay for the legal costs of the winner.

Pressure is now mounting on both sides as they prepare their respective positions on the matter.

Find out more about the project: DA A004627877.