Kenmore Family Appeals for Return of Heirloom Accordion Mistakenly Left at Kerbside

Kenmore family
Photo Credit: YouTube

A Kenmore family has publicly appealed for the return of a family heirloom, a 20-year-old accordion that was left on the footpath and might have been picked up by someone who had thought it was for disposal.

Kylie Jayasinghe shared that the missing accordion was supposed to have been loaded in the car by her father-in-law. However, he had unknowingly driven off without it, leaving the instrument remained on the footpath. When he returned an hour later to retrieve it after realising his mistake, the accordion was gone.

The Kenmore mum believes that it may have been picked up by someone who had seen it on the kerb, thinking that it was for disposal and therefore, fair game for scavengers. There was no kerbside collection run scheduled in Kenmore for that week. 

The old accordion has great sentimental value for the Kenmore family. The family heirloom originally belonged to Seeya, the 89-year-old grandfather of Kylie’s non-verbal 14-year-old son, Oscar. 

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“Seeya plays it to my special needs child (his grandson) and Oscar loves the music and the interaction with his grandfather,” Kylie wrote. 

“I assume that somebody thought it was on the grass as a giveaway but this is not the case and we would very much like it back.

“Please can you return it as soon as possible. It is really important that it is returned and no questions will be asked. We just want it back. It is a big loss for everyone but especially Seeya and Oscar.”

The family has tried asking neighbours if they had seen anybody pick it up, also posting about the missing accordion on Facebook in hopes of finding someone who may have seen it around. 

The instrument is described as a pretty red accordion, about 60 centimetres by 50 centimetres in size, with shiny red enamel trim. Per reports, the brand’s name is “Preddie” and it’s smaller than traditional accordions, although still a heavy instrument.