Brookfield Show 2024 Entertainment Extravaganza: What You Need to Know

Brookfield Show 2024, Brisbane’s biggest little country show, promises an unforgettable experience for attendees with a thrilling three-day lineup of entertainment, workshops, and competitions.

From the 17th to the 19th of May 2024, Brookfield Show offers diverse activities and shows guaranteed to amaze and delight visitors of all ages.

Daytime and Nighttime Thrills

First stop, the Children’s Stage, which will feature the Mini Moshers band, magicians, and puppet shows. Adjacent to the ever-popular sideshow alley, spectators can enjoy up-close encounters with an array of reptiles.

During daylight hours, the atmosphere buzzes with the energy of roving performers and school bands and the competitive spirit of the talent show. As night falls, the excitement continues with daredevil rodeo displays and trick horse riding exhibitions. 

Brookfield Show rodeo
Photo Credit: BrookfieldShow/Instagram

The Showmen’s Guild of Australasia ensures adrenaline-pumping fun at sideshow alley with attractions like the “Wheel of Oz” Ferris wheel, Dodgems, and the Hurricane ride.

Rides to Try

Ride NameDescription
Wheel of OzA giant Ferris wheel offering panoramic views of the showground.
DodgemsBumper cars for thrilling collisions and laughs.
HurricaneA fast-spinning ride that whirls around, lifting off the ground for a rush of adrenaline.
SizzlerA classic spin ride that rotates at high speeds, perfect for thrill-seekers.
Midnight MadnessA ride for those seeking an extreme adrenaline rush, featuring high speeds and intense rotations.
Cup & SaucerA gentler option suitable for younger children, featuring rotating cups on a saucer-like platform.
Chair-o-PlaneSwinging chairs that rotate around a central pillar, offering a breezy experience.
Kids Roller CoasterA fun, mild roller coaster designed specifically for young children.

Traditional and Novel Competitions

The Brookfield Show remains a bastion of tradition, with competitions in Horses, Horticulture, and Needle Craft. This year, the LEGO competition will be introduced, appealing to creative builders of all ages.

Lego Competition
Photo Credit: BrookfieldShow/Instagram

Art, Woodwork, and Cooking exhibitions provide visitors with a glimpse into high-quality craft and culinary delights, with select items available for purchase.

Culinary and Craft Beverages

In addition to a plethora of food options, this year’s show includes a boutique cocktail bar managed by expert mixologists, enhancing the evening vibe. Local music acts like the Gold Creek Band and the sibling duo Liv & Ed will perform, ensuring the entertainment extends well into the night.

Show-Stopping Performances

The highlight of the Brookfield Show 2024 is set to be the ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ style circus show, directed by one of Cirque Du Soleil’s Assistant Creative Directors, featuring some of Queensland’s top circus talent. This full-length extravaganza will cap off each day, accompanied by stunning fireworks displays that promise to light up the night sky.

Recommended Entertainment to See

Mini Moshers BandEnergetic live music performance ideal for families on the Children’s Stage.
Puppet and Magic ShowsEngaging shows for children featuring skilled puppeteers and magicians.
Reptile EncountersGet up close with a variety of reptiles, a fascinating experience for wildlife enthusiasts.
Trick Horse RidersWatch skilled riders perform stunts and tricks with their horses.
Cirque Du Soleil Style ShowA circus extravaganza by top Queensland performers, directed by a former Cirque Du Soleil creative.
Fireworks DisplaysEnd each night with a spectacular fireworks show, a dazzling display that lights up the sky.
Bobcat BalletDelight in a choreographed performance featuring machinery.
Live Music PerformancesEnjoy local bands including Gold Creek Band and the duo Liv & Ed, perfect for evening entertainment.

Brookfield Show 2024 Full Program

Brookfield Show

With a mix of new attractions and beloved classics, the Brookfield Show in 2024 is not just an event but a celebration of community, craftsmanship, and entertainment. 

Tickets are now on sale, offering an opportunity to experience one of Brisbane’s most anticipated annual events.

Photo Credit: BrookfieldShow

Published 16-May-2024

Kenmore Neighbourhood Watch Group Joins Forces With QPS

A proactive Neighbourhood Watch group that has served Kenmore East for over three decades will join forces with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for an informal community engagement event to promote crime prevention and foster stronger ties between residents and law enforcement.

The upcoming “Coffee with a Cop” initiative, scheduled for Thursday, 23 May 2024, has been organised by the Neighbourhood Watch QLD Kenmore East and the QPS.

Taking place between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. at Dennis’ Espressivo on Wongabel Street in Kenmore, the event aims to facilitate informal conversations between locals and police officers, address concerns, and provide helpful tips on safeguarding homes and properties.

The Kenmore East Neighbourhood Watch group, officially Indooroopilly 9, has actively promoted community-based crime prevention for 35 years. Through their unwavering commitment, the area has earned a well-deserved reputation as a welcoming and safe place to live and work. Many of the founding members continue to support the group’s initiatives.

The QPS emphasises the importance of community collaboration in enhancing crime prevention methods and implementing simple strategies to deter and reduce criminal activity. 

Senior Sergeant Dallas Kowald from the South Brisbane District Crime Prevention Unit stressed the importance of making it difficult for offenders to gain entry, exit with property, or benefit from stolen goods. Additionally, Acting Senior Sergeant Jose Sarmiento highlighted the Mobile Police Beat’s role in maintaining a high-visibility policing presence and engaging with the community on home security and personal safety.

The “Coffee with a Cop” event, hosted by Cr Greg Adermann, represents an opportunity for residents to engage directly with law enforcement, gain valuable insights, and foster a sense of community vigilance against crime.

By working together, the QPS and dedicated groups like Neighbourhood Watch QLD Kenmore East aim to build resilience and implement protective measures to enhance the safety and well-being of the local community.

Published 14-May-2024

Kenmore Among Top Queensland Suburbs for EV Adoption- NALSPA

Kenmore is leading the way in embracing electric cars, based on the recent data from the National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA). 

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The NALSPA data, which is from 1 July 2022 – 31 December 2023 shows that Kenmore’s postcode 4069, including Chapel Hill and Fig Tree Pocket, is among the top areas in Australia for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) through novated leases.

The reason behind this surge in electric car adoption is the introduction of the Electric Car Discount. This discount, which became law in late 2022, has made electric cars more affordable through tax exemptions. As a result, more everyday Australians are choosing electric cars for their environmental benefits and cost savings.

Photo credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Pineapple Fez/Wikimedia Commons 

Because of the Electric Car Discount, the market share of BEVs and PHEVs in novated leases has increased significantly, from three percent in 2022 to 14 percent by March the following year. This means more people are now able to afford electric cars, which were previously seen as expensive compared to petrol cars.

Rohan Martin, CEO of NALSPA, explains, “Everyday workers living in the suburbs are noticing more than ever before that buying an EV is not only within reach thanks to government incentives but also makes financial sense for them.” 

He highlights that suburbs like Kenmore, where people rely heavily on cars, are seeing the most benefit from switching to electric cars due to savings on fuel costs and the discounted prices of electric vehicles.

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Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are not just popular in urban areas but are also gaining traction among families in regional Australia. This shows that more people are recognising the practical and financial benefits of electric cars, regardless of where they live. Kenmore’s embrace of electric cars signals a broader trend towards sustainable transportation.

Published 6-May-2024

Celebrating Five Decades of Equine Passion at Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club

Did you know that the Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club traces its origins back 50 years ago to when the original pony club was established in 1974?

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The Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club started as the Fig Tree Pocket Pony Club, founded in a paddock near Lone Pine in 1974 before relocating to its current site on Fig Tree Pocket Road four years later in 1978.

Situated on 40 acres of prime riverfront property just 11km from Brisbane’s CBD, the club now hosts numerous competitions, clinics, and educational programs spanning eventing, dressage, and show jumping disciplines throughout the year.

Photo credit: Candice Susan Olsen-Fig Tree Pocket Pony Club Inc/Facebook

In 2009, the Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club’s dedication was recognised when it received the prestigious Equestrian Queensland Club of the Year award. This success was attributed to the club’s committed committee, exceptional facilities, high-quality instructors, and full calendar of clinics and competitions.

Photo credit: Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club/Facebook

Among its distinguished alumni are elite riders like Rebel Morrow, who competed in three-day eventing at the 2004 Athens Olympics as well as Malia Chappel, who enjoyed success in the UK during 2005-2006, and former Adelaide Two Star winner Niki Chapman.

Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club’s 50th Anniversary

As it celebrates this major milestone, Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club and its former and current members are inviting one and all to join in their golden 50th anniversary celebration.

On Sunday, June 16 from 2:00 – 8:00 p.m., the club is hosting a fun-filled family event at their grounds to commemorate half a century of horsing around. With live music, magic shows, reptile encounters, farm animals and of course pony rides, there’s something for every wrangler in your crew.

Photo credit: Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club/Facebook

Beyond the entertainment, attendees can enjoy food from the GourMeat Grill and BBQ plus beverages from Moov’n Coffee and the club’s own canteen. And it’s all for a good cause – all entry fees will be donated to Dolly’s Dream.

Dolly’s Dream was founded by Kate and Tick Everett after the devastating loss of their 14-year-old daughter Dolly to suicide following bullying. The organisation is committed to preventing bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide through education and support for young people and families.

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Book your tickets today and come celebrate this major milestone for the Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club!

Published 25-April-2024

McIntyre Family Legacy Continues as Racing Hearts Takes Over Brisbane Riding Centre

After a period of uncertainty, the McIntyre Centre Riding for the Disabled in Pinjarra Hills will be reopening, under its new trustee, Racing Hearts Therapy, a registered charity specialising in equine therapy.

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The McIntyre Centre, founded in 1973 in Kenmore by local couple Peter and June McIntyre, was forced to shut its doors in May 2022 due to rising costs and funding gaps. The closure was a major blow for the community that relied on the centre’s therapeutic horse riding programs.

However, there is now renewed hope as HELP Enterprises has announced that Racing Hearts Therapy Incorporated, a registered charity specialising in equine therapy, will take over operations and reopen the centre in Pinjarra Hills.

“Peter and June McIntrye established the first ever riding school for people with disabilities in Australia and we are incredibly proud to be gifted the opportunity to continue their legacy and make their beautiful centre thrive,” Racing Hearts announced.

Photo credit: Racing Hearts/Facebook

Racing Hearts, which currently runs programs in Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, is committed to continuing the McIntyre name and legacy built over the past 60 years. Their offerings include individual therapy sessions, autism programs, school holiday camps and women’s empowerment groups – all utilising the healing power of horses.

“This is a terrific outcome for the community, and we are extremely pleased that vital services for people with disability will resume with Racing Hearts,” said HELP CEO Denver Fresser.

“Racing Hearts are best positioned to run the McIntyre Centre. They are a highly regarded organisation with strong financial backing,” he added.

HELP operated the McIntyre Centre from 2017 until its services ceased in July 2023, when the financial gap between its operating costs and fees-for-service from the NDIS made it not viable to continue.

Photo credit: Racing Hearts/Facebook

Lisa Coffey, founder of Racing Hearts, expressed excitement about carrying on the McIntyre family’s vision. 

“Racing Hearts is delighted to be carrying on the legacy of the McIntyre family and we can’t wait to connect with everyone in the community who is passionate about the centre so we can all work together to make it a huge success,” she stated. “Our mission is to ensure a safe and nurturing space for both humans and horses.”

The Pinjarra Hills reopening will undoubtedly be celebrated by the thousands of lives transformed by the McIntyre Center’s programs over the decades. A cherished community asset has been saved.

Racing Hearts met or exceeded the requirements for all selection criteria as the new trustee of the centre. They have made a commitment to resume services within the next six months. Updates will be provided to the community at large.

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Published 4-April-2024

New Flood-Resilient Mount Crosby Vehicle Bridge Enhances Connectivity in Kholo, Karana Downs, Anstead, Bellbowrie & Surrounds

Mount Crosby Vehicle Bridge is now open, significantly enhancing traffic flow and improving the area’s flood resilience by safeguarding the surrounding community against natural disasters.

Engineered to be approximately three metres higher than its predecessor, the bridge features a robust combination of steel and concrete guardrails designed to withstand severe flooding. Its construction has not only supported 30 jobs but has also been a boon for local suppliers, utilising locally sourced materials such as ready-mix concrete and quarry materials.

The 187-metre-long and nine-metre-wide bridge accommodates two-way traffic and significantly enhances connectivity across the Brisbane River in Mount Crosby. 

This project is a key component of Seqwater’s East Bank Flood Resilience Program, representing a substantial investment exceeding $100 million to improve flood resilience in the Mount Crosby precinct. Additionally, upgrades to nearby water infrastructure, including the East Bank Pump Station, are set further to enhance the area’s defence against flood events.

The project demonstrates a strong commitment to infrastructure resilience and supports the local economy by providing jobs and engaging local suppliers. Quotes from various stakeholders, including the Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher, and representatives from Seqwater, BMD Constructions, and Mt Marrow Blue Metal Quarries, highlight the collaborative effort and the importance of the bridge to the community’s safety and connectivity.

Mt Crosby bridge
Photo Credit: QLDGovt

Looking ahead, the original 97-year-old weir bridge is set to be repurposed as a pedestrian and cycle path. Works will commence soon and are expected to be completed in 2025. 

Meanwhile, final footpath and landscaping works on the new vehicle bridge will continue until mid-April, after which Brisbane City Council will manage and maintain the bridge.

Published 28-March-24

Pink’s Enchanting Visit to Lone Pine Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket

Pink, the renowned American singer, recently embarked on a captivating adventure with her family at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket, Australia.

Accompanied by her husband Carey Hart and their two children, Pink immersed herself in the wonders of Australian wildlife, creating cherished memories amidst the sanctuary’s picturesque surroundings. The sanctuary provided Pink and her family with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with native animals and experience the natural beauty of Australia.

A Day of Discovery Amongst Australian Wildlife

The family’s visit to Lone Pine Sanctuary offered a glimpse into the diverse fauna of Australia’s natural landscape. From cuddling koalas to feeding kangaroos, Pink and her children delighted in the unique encounters facilitated by the sanctuary’s dedicated staff.

As they wandered through the sanctuary’s lush grounds, the kids, Willow and Jameson, marvelled at the fascinating creatures that call Australia home. Their joyous interactions with koalas, dingos, and raptors underscored the sanctuary’s commitment to conservation and education.

Pink and her family
Photo Credit: Pink/Instagram

Sharing Moments of Wonder

Pink took to social media to share snapshots of their enchanting day at Lone Pine Sanctuary, captivating her followers with glimpses of their wildlife encounters.

Through her posts, Pink not only showcased the beauty of Australian wildlife but also highlighted the importance of preserving natural habitats for future generations. Her heartfelt captions reflected a genuine appreciation for the sanctuary’s efforts in promoting environmental awareness and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour in Brisbane

Against the backdrop of Brisbane’s iconic skyline, Suncorp Stadium pulsated with excitement as fans eagerly delighted in Pink’s shows. It showcased not only her musical prowess but also her penchant for delivering unforgettable live experiences, leaving an indelible mark on all those in attendance.

From heart-pounding anthems to soul-stirring ballads, Pink’s repertoire resonated with fans of all ages, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration. She soared above the crowd, suspended by aerial rigs, epitomising the spirit of resilience and determination.

Pink In Brisbane
Photo Credit: Pink/Instagram

Pink’s dynamic stage presence and genuine connection with the audience transformed Suncorp Stadium into a euphoric arena of shared joy and camaraderie, solidifying her status as a beloved icon among Brisbane’s music lovers.

Published 25-March-2024

Schools in Kenmore Catchment Among Those Affected by Sequel Books & Stationery Collapse

Kenmore State High School, Brookfield State School, Fig Tree Pocket State School and over 50 other Queensland schools have been directly impacted by the closure of Sequel Books & Stationery, amidst a struggle that has seen the company end up in liquidation, with $5 million in debt. 

The shock closure has cast a shadow over the company’s long-standing contribution to Queensland’s education sector, impacting staff, students, and parents who have depended on Sequel’s services for nearly three decades. 

A Legacy Unravelled

Originating 102 years ago as Bakers Bookstore and undergoing several name changes, including BCF (Barker, Conlan, and Ferrett), Sequel Books & Stationery had become an integral part of Queensland’s educational supply chain. 

With a history of trading under its current name for nearly 30 years, its sudden move into liquidation on 18th of March 2024, signified the end of an era for a company that once carried the book and stationery lists for 55 schools across Queensland.

The Struggle Leading to Liquidation

Before its liquidation, Sequel Books & Stationery was overwhelmed with challenges, notably failing to fulfil outstanding orders in time for the school year’s start. This led to an inundation of customer complaints, culminating in over 1700 emails and the disabling of comments on its Facebook page due to severe customer backlash.

Bowing to the inevitable, the decision to undergo voluntary liquidation was made, with Christopher Baskerville of Jirsch Sutherland appointed to manage the liquidation process.

Impact and Reaction

The liquidation of Sequel Books & Stationery has sent shockwaves through the educational community. In a heartfelt statement, executive director Anna Henderson voiced her deep regret , attributing the closure to insurmountable economic challenges and commending her team’s dedication through tough times. 

As the liquidation process unfolds, efforts are concentrated on securing the best possible outcome for creditors, including suppliers who are owed $2.3 million. The investigation into the full extent of the owed amounts and the number of creditors is ongoing.

Sequel Books & Stationery Kenmore State High School
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Here are the 55 schools impacted by the collapse: 

All Saints Anglican School
Aspley State School
Aquinas College
Bellbird Park State Secondary
Belmont State School
Berrinba East State School
Brisbane Grammar School
Brookfield State School
Burleigh Heads State School
Canungra State School
Manly West State School
Mount Alvernia College
Mount Kilcoy State School
Mt Saint Michael’s College
Northside Christian College
Our Lady College Annerley
Padua College
Parklands Christian College
Queensland Academy of Science Mathematics and Technology
Citipointe Christian College
Centenary State High School
Clairvaux MacKillop College
Fig Tree Pocket State School
Grovely State School
Hilder Road State School
Hillcrest Christian College
Hills College
Holland Park State School
Jamboree Heights State School
Jindalee State School
San Damiano College
San Sisto College
Seton College
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls Schools
St Francis Xavier Primary School Goodna
St Joseph’s Catholic School Corinda
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School
St Mary’s College
St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly
St Philomena School
The Lakes College
John Paul College
Kenmore State High School
Kilcoy State Primary School
Longreach School of Distance Education
Marist College Ashgrove
Marsden State High School
Mitchelton State School
Walloon State School
West Moreton Anglican College
Westside Christian College
Wisdom College
Wondall Heights State School
Yeronga State School

Published 21-March-2024

Treetops at Kenmore: Where Sustainable Living Meets Modern Luxury

A sustainable new community, Treetops at Kenmore, is taking shape and is now selling its stage 3.

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The final stage of this environment-focused community from CDL Australia is now selling, representing one of the last chances to secure a residence amidst this green oasis.

One of the hallmarks of Treetops at Kenmore is its reverence for the natural environment. The 32,350 sqm community centrepiece is a sprawling 3,100 sqm Environmental Green Zone bordering Moggill Road, where scores of mature trees have been preserved. 

Photo credit:

Upon completion later this year, Treetops will comprise 96 spacious four-bedroom townhomes nestled under a preserved canopy of towering eucalyptus trees. The residences have been thoughtfully designed to cater to contemporary family needs, with eight different floorplans offering variety and functionality.

Complementing the established canopy will be 100 newly planted native trees, 300 shrubs, and 7,000 ground cover plants integrated throughout the landscaping.

Treetops at Kenmore
Photo credit:

Each townhome features an open-concept living and dining area that seamlessly integrates with the sleek kitchen, appointed with marble-inspired stone countertops and integrated Ilve appliances. The luxurious master suite includes an oversized walk-in closet and a bright, dual-vanity ensuite bathroom. Some plans also dedicate space for a media room or study.

Blurring the lines between indoors and out, the homes incorporate decks, balconies, and patios to facilitate an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. But the eco-friendly features don’t stop there – every townhome comes equipped with a 6.6kW solar photovoltaic system and an electric vehicle charging station, enabling residents to truly embrace sustainable living practices.

Treetops at Kenmore
Photo credit:

Residents of Treetops will have access to a wealth of amenities encouraging an active, communal atmosphere, including a central park space, a resort-style swimming pool, barbecue areas, and conveniently located bike racks to explore the neighbourhood’s biking paths.

With its final stages now selling, Treetops at Kenmore offers a unique opportunity to embrace verdant, environmentally-conscious living without sacrificing modern luxury and convenience. For buyers dreaming of a sustainable haven to call home, the time to secure their place in this blossoming community is nigh.

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With Stage 2 nearing completion by March 2024 and only a few remaining homes available for sale, Stage 3 at Treetops Kenmore is slated for finalisation by April 2024, representing potentially the final opportunity for buyers to join this sustainable community.

Published 20-March-2024

Groundbreaking Koala Chlamydia Vaccination Program Launched in Brisbane

Queensland koalas, eventually including those at the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket, are set to be vaccinated against chlamydia, as part of a new vaccination program undergoing testing in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council, in collaboration with leading scientists, has announced its commitment to support the registration of Queensland University of Technology’s groundbreaking chlamydia vaccine. With funding allocated to this cause, the Council aims to partner with the University of Queensland’s Koala Ecology Group to deliver a pilot program for proactive koala vaccination. 

This initiative addresses the urgent need for intervention, as chlamydia affects approximately 21 per cent of Brisbane’s koala population, leading to significant fatalities among these iconic marsupials. This bacterial infection may cause infertility, blindness, and urinary incontinence, further contributing to the decline in their populations. 

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner underscored Brisbane’s status as Australia’s koala capital and emphasised the importance of leveraging this home-grown breakthrough to safeguard the koalas. The pilot vaccination program, as part of a broader koala protection plan, is set for the initial two years, followed by a city-wide vaccination drive. 

“This vaccine shapes as a game-changer for koalas and I am proud that our team will be supporting this home-grown break-through,” he said.

“By funding the registration of the koala vaccine we’re dealing with a key threat to our koala population. 

“I want to see koala and other native species thrive because our city’s mixture of world-class entertainment combined with access to nature sets us apart and makes Brisbane the most Australian place on Earth.” 

Professor Ken Beagley, who works at QUT’s School of Biomedical Sciences, has provided details about the current experimental status of a vaccine. There are ongoing efforts to achieve registration for broader use, which is expected to make it easier for veterinary clinics and wildlife hospitals to access the vaccine. 

Professor Beagley Koala Chlamydia Vaccination
Photo Credit: QUT

“We now have enough data to show the vaccine is safe and effective and so the next step is to go for registration.  

“Once the vaccine is registered, it will be available more widely, and veterinary clinics and wildlife hospitals will be able to use it without delay. 

“We all want the same thing, a healthy koala population that is growing. 

“After habitat destruction, dog attacks and car strikes, disease is the next most pressing issue for koalas and chlamydia is a major problem.

“A healthy koala can live for eight to 12 years in the wild. Once you get a geographically isolated population that is stressed, chlamydia can take hold. Infection causes infertility, blindness and urinary incontinence, and local populations can die out.

“Since the early 2000s we have seen a 70-80 per cent decline in many koala populations across Queensland so koalas need all the help we can give them.” 

This new technology aims to simplify the vaccination process by eliminating the need for capturing or holding the animals for a second immunization dose. 

Furthermore, QUT researchers are developing a booster vaccine using implant technology to combat chlamydia in koalas further. This technology aims to avoid the need to recapture or hold wild koalas for 30 days to receive a second immunization, significantly increasing the ability to vaccinate wild koalas against chlamydial infections. 

The implant device, slightly larger than a pet microchip, will release the booster at four to five weeks after the first vaccination. The QUT researchers have the support of the Saving Koalas Fund and they expect this project to be completed by April 2026.

Published 1-March-2024