Calls for Kenmore Roundabout Upgrades Revived as Traffic Congestion Worsens

Moggill Road Bikeway
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Google Maps

Talks of upgrading the Kenmore roundabout at the intersection of Moggill Road and Brookfield Road have been revived as traffic congestion in Kenmore continues to worsen. Concerns have also been raised about the roadwork intended for this area.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland’s (RACQ) recent congestion survey listed Moggill Road as one of the top 10 hotspots in the state. The findings have intensified calls for immediate action to alleviate the gridlock affecting the region.

Councillor Greg Adermann said that the State Government’s proposal to introduce a bikeway on Moggill Road would do little to alleviate the congestion experienced by families stuck at the Kenmore roundabout. He called on the government to redirect funding towards improving the roundabout, ensuring that all modes of transportation—cars, buses, and bikes—benefit from the upgrades.

In 2019, $12.5 million in federal government funds was committed to upgrade the State Government-controlled Kenmore roundabout. The State Government promised to match the federal funds allocation, bringing total funding to $25 million.

However, the State’s proposal to transform the roundabout into a signalised intersection faced strong opposition from the local community. State Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey subsequently shifted the funding towards a “bike only” solution for Moggill Road.

“This clearly will not help most residents who are stuck in traffic congestion,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said, an observation he shares with Cr Greg Adermann.

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“We are yet to hear where the $12.5 million of federal funding has gone. Residents deserve to know what is happening with this money and whether it will ever be spent as originally intended – to upgrade Moggill Road,” LM Schrinner added.

Adding to the frustration, Elizabeth Watson-Brown, the newly elected Federal MP for Ryan, voiced her support for the cancellation of the roundabout upgrade, deeming it a “positive step.”

This stance sparked further criticism from residents and local officials who believe that immediate action is needed to address the ongoing traffic congestion crisis.

Community consultation conducted in April 2021 revealed that 94% of respondents were opposed to replacing the roundabout with a signalised intersection. In light of this overwhelming opposition, the Department responsible for the project is exploring alternative options for the Moggill Road corridor, including potential improvements to active transport facilities in Kenmore.

Published 4-July-2023