Call for Additional High School and Infrastructure Investment in Kenmore State High School Renewed

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The fight continues for an additional high school and infrastructure investment in Kenmore State High School as the State Government is urged to provide analysis on current enrolments and changes to future enrolments and catchment suburbs.

For the past few years, locals have pleaded for urgent building upgrades to Kenmore SHS as the school nears reaching capacity. The Department of Education previously dismissed the statement that the school will soon hit its maximum student enrolment capacity of 2,231 students.

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Demand for Analysis

Dr Christian Rowan, MP for Moggill, insists that the need for infrastructure upgrade at the school is an urgent matter. He posed several questions to the Labor of Education Minister, including a request for information on 2018 enrolments and projected enrolments in the school.

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The MP also wanted to know the ministry’s projections in terms of future changes to catchment suburbs in the next 10 years. He also asked what analysis has been done in relation to an additional high school in the Moggill or Ipswich West electorates.

By rule, Kenmore SHS restricts enrolment of students from outside its local catchment area to avoid exceeding enrolment capacity. Some residents from outside the catchment are dismayed that the Education Ministry insists that the school is below capacity when in fact, students are getting turned down during enrolment citing that the school is at capacity.

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In the past years, Dr Rowan made similar appeals for the state government to fund an expansion of Kenmore SHS and establishment of a new school in the region. Concerned locals support the move and feel that they have been left in dark as to the master plan for the school.

Locals insist that there are issues with the existing facilities of the school. The library, for instance they say, is already cramped and not able to service some 1,900 students.