After Dark Adventures: Lone Pine Sanctuary Switches to Night Mode

Nocturnal Precinct
Photo credit: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary/Facebook

Introducing Mr Grumbles, a Ruffus Betton – that’s a super cute little Australian marsupial. Remember his name because he’s about to become Australia’s newest star. NOCTURNAL, at the Lone Pine Sanctuary, shines new light on Australia’s most famous creatures.

Joining him in the ‘red’ spotlight are four Tassie Devils called Yolo, Zaney, Harvey and Swarf; Bare-Nosed Wombats Bell and Bruce; Koalas Clementine, Patricia, Kandy and Keisha, a cool gang of Bandicoots, Pademelons, Echidnas and Potoroos and Rocky the elusive but spectacular Tree Kangaroo.

These are the stars of NOCTURNAL at Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, a new $1.4 million first-ever immersive night-time adventure that allows visitors to discover the hidden world of Australia’s fascinating nocturnal wildlife, and it opens from November 1.

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A unique and unforgettable journey into Australia’s world famous animal kingdom, Nocturnal starts as the sun dips below the horizon, and the animals come out to play, allowing visitors to witness the incredible behaviours and adaptations of some of Australia’s most elusive and enigmatic wildlife species.

“There’s a whole world of activity that happens after dark that we aren’t privileged to, but Nocturnal gives people that experience, with a tour guide, in a non-invasive way to celebrate Australis’s animal superstars, and educate people about the importance of sustaining their ecosystems,” said Frank Mikula, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Curator.

“It’s an Australian native animal treasure hunt, with the prize being able to see these amazing creatures up close and personal!”

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Nocturnal is a one kilometre walking adventure called The Wild Walk, through an established Eucalypt planation, mostly on a custom-designed elevated boardwalk which allows the animals full roaming rights across their habitats.

The sanctuary’s brand new multi-million-dollar Nocturnal Precinct features a one-kilometre boardwalk, allowing visitors exclusive after-dark access to seven exhibit spaces and 10 nocturnal Australian species.

Nocturnal Precinct
Photo credit: Queensland Government

Visitors are given handheld thermal imaging devices, about the size of a mobile phone, that picks up the unique heat signature of animals. Once detected, a red light torch can be used to watch the animals doing what they do, with the red light completely non-invasive.

Nocturnal Precinct
Photo credit: Queensland Government

Starting 1 November 2023, your family can go on these magical night tours, with expert guides who will lead you on an adventure to spot curious critters like pademelons, potoroos, bettongs, and bandicoots in their natural habitats. 

Hosted in tours of 20 people with a dedicated guide who shares details of each animal species, their personalities, and provides feeding opportunities, Nocturnal is set to be a MUST EXPERIENCE for Australians and for international visitors, many who already have the 97-year old and iconic Lone Pine Sanctuary on their travel bucket list.

Photo credit: Queensland Government

The project was made possible through the Queensland Government’s 2020 Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund, which invested $1.2 million for the development of the new nocturnal precinct.

Lone Pine General Manager Lyndon Discombe expressed his sincerest thanks and gratitude to the Queensland Government for supporting the sanctuary’s vision to develop a transformative and refreshing new tourism experience for the Brisbane region.

“Australia has some of the world’s most unique wildlife and being able to discover their natural behaviours after dark will be an experience like no other – it’s a secret world some of our staff haven’t even seen!”

Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary’s Nocturnal Precinct is an awe-inspiring opportunity for international visitors to shine a light on the secret nightlife of Australia’s iconic marsupials

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This exciting new exhibit is predicted to draw over 500,000 visitors annually and generates additional funding to support Lone Pine’s world-class conservation efforts. 

So don’t miss your chance to go wild under the moonlight and discover Brisbane’s captivating nocturnal wildlife. Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary website to book your spot from the 1st of November for these one-of-a-kind after-dark tours.

Published 25-October-2023